Tuesday, August 10, 2010

stick to what you are good at

Craft disaster today. Epic failure...the only thing keeping it from the worst ever is no one was injured...unless you count my pride. I so want to be good at sewing but so far I have had few successes. I do keep in mind that I used to be terrible at crochet and now I'm mot afraid to try most any pattern. I guess I will keep working on it. In the meantime I have been making several really cute cards. This one is for our last pastor and his wife. Boy do I miss our old church. But we are making acquaintances in the new church and will probably feel the dame about leaving it when time comes. I've been wanting this one pear stamp for a while and while reorganizing the other day discovered...I already have a pear stamp. (I'm not sure I've ever even used this set before). I posted it and a couple other recent cards on SCS today. Now back to what I am good at...while the baby is still asleep.

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