Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The "chipper" chicken

I have this flaw in my brain that makes movie quotes come to mind when I am expressing a thought.  The "chipper" chicken is from the movie Father of the Bride when the dad decides to go low budget and have the cheaper chicken excpt the pseudo foreign wedding planner pronounces it "chipper".  Is this getting less funny the more I explain it?  Anyway, I saw this idea on the blog http://butternutsagedesigns.blogspot.com/ and one other place as it was from a SU convention.  I loved it but didn't have the funding to do it their way.  So I used the MDS software to print out the words, waited for funkins to go on sale (and used a smaller size) used tracing paper and a sharpie pen and voila!  I am super pleased with the results.  My husband helped drill holes in them and I stacked them like the crazy cakes I see on TV.  I used bling I got at Hobby Lobby and the tulle is from there too.  The bow could use a little help but the whole thing cost less than twenty dollars  and therefore it is the chipper (cheaper) chicken version.   Thanks for looking.

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