Wednesday, January 26, 2011

baby blanket project

This is the most recent blanket I've completed.  It is for my college friend Christine who just had her third baby boy!  I had a girl blanket in the hopper but when the little guy was born I needed to whip up a boy one quick!  This is probably the fastest I've ever done one (around 5 days at a couple hours a day).  It is from the lion brand yarn website and is called bird's nest.  It uses natural choice which is an organic cotton.  The pattern is really simple as it is just one huge granny square.  I will definitely make this pattern again but with different yarn.  I did not make it quite as large as the pattern called for but I was running short on yarn and knew I couldn't make it around without going to Michael's to buy more yarn.  So...what do I do with a fair amount left over....make a hat.  This pattern is wonderful and I have used it several times.  Please leave a comment if you want the link to the pattern.  Thanks for looking!  Maybe my friend will send me a picture of baby with the blanket :)

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