Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bright Flower blanket

This is for baby Kennedy who is scheduled to make her debut in a few short weeks.  I have been working on this blanket since September.  Why so long?  It's a good project to just do a few squares or should I say hexagons at a time.  Making the hexagons was easy but the sewing together took a while.  I made all of the large flowers as an anxiety aid as I watched the BCS National Championship game.  Most of the construction was done on a "vacation" week at my mom's.  The pattern did not call for a border but at the last minute I decided to add one.  I went around once in single crochet then again in half double crochet.  In the valleys I did an increase of 2 HDC and on the peaks I did 3 HDC increase.  The pattern is called Bright Flowers Throw on the lion brand website  I love the Vanna White yarn and the colors have such cute names: the white is lamb, the pink is pink poodle, the green is sweet pea and the orange is goldfish.  Thanks for looking.

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