Friday, March 25, 2011

Herbert Nininger

OK...if you don't have a toddler or don't watch Curious George I'm sure the post title is a little strange.  A young man who is a friend of Curious George (the monkey) has lots of rabbits with very rabbit names...browny, spotty, cotton-tail and the last one named is Herbert Nininger.  Don't ask's just silly.  I could have named this rabbit Kangaroo as that is the name of my son's immaginary pet rabbit.  It's so cute.

Anyway this rabbit comes from inspiration on SCS Dawn Griffith  I had to re-do the measurements of the slider to make it fit these smaller Hershey bunnie (got mine at Target).  I think I will make another one today with a different decoration on front (something more simple) and then post a tutorial tomorrow.  Thanks for looking and come back tomorrow for measurements.

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