Friday, December 3, 2010

Get your tag on Day #2

Wow. The other night before I posted I had 300 hits now I'm at 599. Thank you thank you thank you for visiting my little blog. Now on to tag #2. At the request of my mom I'll be detailing the one with the ribbon flower. A few weeks ago Stampin Up had a fabulous sale and I bought 2 rolls of riding hood red 1 1/4 stripped grosgrain ribbon. What a bargain at 1.99 for 10 yards. To make the flower you need 10" of ribbon. Do a running stitch on one of the long ends. For those of you new to sewing pull out your needle and thread and poke the needle up and then down in little stitches all the way to the end without stopping. When you reach the end slide the ribbon down to the bottom to "scrunch" it up. I sew the two ends together and turn them under. The button is made using all those teeny scraps you get when you give your ribbon nice tails. I've included step by step pictures to help. You get the button kits in the sewing section of the fabric stores. I think those are size 5/8". On the back of the package it shows how big your fabric needs to be and keep in mind the ribbon is 1 1/4". The button does have a shank on it (which I guess you could cut off) bit I sew the button in the middle and attach the whole thing with red line sticky tape (the tape that doesn't give you a second chance!) The base tag is again from the paper I got at Michaels and is the other tag on the tow tag die. If anything isn't clear please leave a comment and I'll be happy to answer any questions. For those of you who don't have the ribbon or don't feel like sewing I added an alternate embellishment of the scallop circle flower with a corduroy brad.

Speaking of comments...leave me one on the tag you'd like to see tomorrow. Sorry if this post is a little late for some of you. I have to blog when my toddler is napping. :)

Thanks again for stopping by and remember to come back tomorrow!

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